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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Oct 13, 2015)
evening all
(Oct 10, 2015)
oh ignore last message :P *hangs head in shame
(Oct 10, 2015)
ello who would be so lovely as to put me up to the 100k? pretty plz x
(Oct 07, 2015)
(Oct 05, 2015)
hello all ,thanks for the fleet invite kate !^^
(Oct 04, 2015)
could i get my rank updated please to 75k :)
(Sep 28, 2015)
Going to build a T6 fleet intrepid torpedo thingy....
(Sep 23, 2015)
Nobody will be banned for using Kemocite. Some records will be removed depending on how Kemocite is post-fix.
(Sep 23, 2015)
Will the leaderboard get wiped because the top players are kemocite exploiters? Will they get banned from the league?
(Sep 20, 2015)
Hi, if I do a 75k run I just need to upload it via SCM, right?
(Sep 19, 2015)
could I get my rank updated to 30k please.
(Sep 13, 2015)
Could I get my rank updated to 50k? :)
(Aug 29, 2015)
Hiya, made 50k. Could I get moved in the members area when one of you have the chance? Thank you.
(Aug 26, 2015)
as far as i see the upload is disabled, i did 103k but wasnt in my prser just other guy one, i copied and pasted but i supose you need more since u can just fake it easy :) is there any way to claim my 103k or just doing it again
(Aug 20, 2015)
beerwin@beerwin is my toon
(Aug 20, 2015)
please invite me to dps 30000, i have a 38k parse uploaded
(Aug 19, 2015)
Hello, I have uploaded 2 parses for ISA for 2 of my toons Rayna@ajgamer1701 and Akashya@ajgamer1701 I currently parse 20Kdps I request an invite to the appropriate channel Please :)
(Aug 18, 2015)
happy to be now in 75k group, thanks you all, prosperity and long life
(Aug 16, 2015)
hi need upgrade to 75K grp pls
(Aug 16, 2015)
hello, like Zooey i would like my rank change to 75k, thanks to admin team