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SOB / Jan 04, 2019 / Competitions
For all information on the contest, which has a Vaadwaur Juggernaut as the grand prize, take a look at the following reddit post.


Now that the foundry is back up, we've had some time to look at and tune how DPSMark can get you into the higher channels.

As such, DPS-Prime now requires you do 160k in DPSMark on advanced, up from the previous requirement of 100k.
Welcome to the DPS League!
So, what are the DPS League and DPS Channels?

Two years ago was the birth of the DPS Channels. We started with dps-5000, and slowly added the dps-11,000, and dps-20,000. But as power creep (or power tsunami) was introduced by Cryptic with each ½ season, dps scores started to escalate, so we had to reorganize the channels. Consequently, a year ago we decided to form the DPS League to manage the DPS channels and set some standards.

So who are we?

We are a large group of like minded individuals who wish to get the very best out of each other and the content of STO. We achieve this by min/maxing our builds and theory crafting—with endless testing. We then spread the knowledge down the channels. But, we will help anyone who is willing to listen and take time to improve themselves. This is a mandate of the channels and we will kick anyone who is disruptive, rude, or against our ethos of helping others. The League/Channels are here to spread knowledge, tactics, and builds.

More information about the channels can be found here
Channel rules can be found here.