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#11006152 May 03, 2015 at 03:17 AM
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Best traits and gear?
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#11019601 May 06, 2015 at 11:34 AM
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The 4 piece set might be beneficial on a Nanny Recluse set, with 2 people on it. In a 3/2 split it would boost the scimitars/FPER in the case of the special groups that RyanSTO and Felisean run because of the 4 piece skill when used on the sides and tac/gate.

For regular use, they nerfed these sets to such a point that using them exclusively instead of everything IMO isn't worth it. Now it only boost gear about 100 damage above what it would be pre-Nukara set(2 piece set that is). If you had the Assimilated set, it would be an increase to almost take it up to the total damage of the nukara set.

With that said though, the T2 rep for heals for a percentage of your damage dished out can make using the Nukara set a good advantage and give you heals similar to the Assimilated 2 piece set.

T4 rep with the +radiation damage can be useful as well as it would add damage and DPS to your build. In PVP use it could be a fav choice for cheese builds.

T5 rep trait of course having only 3 available is a must get so you can at least have a 4th item, and they can add to usefulness in any case really. My plans will be dropping it around tac/cube or just before right side to hit tac/cube and spheres as they come out.
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