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#11132756 Jun 04, 2015 at 08:59 PM · Edited 6 years ago
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On the day of the summer event, during the down time, when the server was being patched, the DPS community was attacked by some of the admin group, by going on tribble and kicking everyone from the channels, and then inviting everyone to their own created channels claiming to be restructuring.

These claims are false and with the exception of removing the admins that did this, there are to be no changes to the structure of the channels or community. All efforts are being made to get the channels back up and running, with as little disruption as possible but re-inviting 7500 people is no small task.

We wish to be clear about the combat log parser, the creator of parser for the community has gone silent, we wish to continue using this, but we are already sourcing a new piece of software that will replace the current one. This should be available soon, keep an eye on the DPS Community website for details.

The official channels for the DPS community are DPS-10,000, DPS-30.000, DPS-50,000, DPS-75,000, DPS-Prime, DPS-G-200, DPS-G-400 and DPS-Public.

We also want to make sure everyone knows that their place in the DPS community is safe, we are not kicking people from the community and we are not banning any certain tactics.

This was not the intention of the community but the actions of 2 individuals.

If anyone has any ambiguity about the channels please feel free to contact any of the DPS community admins:
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