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I realize RyanSTO's videos are still available and a great source of info, and I'm not in any way looking create another schismatic community (I do have a Facebook group I created as a companion to an existing one, not as a build group but hopefully a "game dynamics" help group).

My point is, I'm getting more involved in YouTube, I bought a license copy of Bandicam, which is probably WAY too addicting... In the past couple days I've been making how-to and just general runs videos for my group [playlist]. I obviously could use help, time, and experience to make more relevant videos. I'm only an 18k player, I'm happy with that but would love to learn the tricks to not just doing more, but more fully understanding game mechanics, and in turn teaching that to newer players.

Because as I mention in one of my videos, something I'm highly tired of is walking into a build page and seeing someone posting their ship, asking what they did wrong, when most likely what their actual question is, what can they do to their ship to help them complete a level of Delta Rising, and instead they get 15 people giving them the same patent answer of how much they need a plasmonic leech and ap and locators, basically everything they need for end-game, without explaining that this is not just Star Trek the Game, this is an MMO with a system of play that the episodes frankly do a terrible job of explaining, and once you reach level 50 you've got goals you need to start working towards to make a ship, a character, that makes STO worth playing on all the days there AREN'T new episodes and they can interact with the community with.

That's what I want to communicate to new players, and instead of showing off one of my builds as a "promising work in progress and example that some people can use tetryon energy", have a dude with the balls to randomly say "Man you need to reinvest in AP". Thanks, I've got an AP Scimi already, but thank you for that unsolicited piece of information.

Anyway. Sorry for ranting. I've been very perturbed since "the incident". It is EXACTLY what happened with, and I want to talk to someone so badly about it, but it has to be in confidence because there were actual legal issues involved... I want to help. I'm moving in 20 days so its kind of stupid to even suggest it, but once I get settled in I can help... hopefully. I dunno what I'd do. Probably nothing. I'm just an 18k who apparently likes making videos.

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Not entirely related to the topic, but I would just like to add my two cents:
I run a JHDC and an Astika - both with polaron beam arrays, 2 piece JemHadar, romulan engine and a lazy space bar macro. I am currently sitting at 64K in both ships. I am convinced that someone with my equipment and a better play style would easily hit more than 75K.
So, no, we don't have to use AP to rise in the channels.
Set phasers to fun!
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Right, I mean that's my point... I've got another 18k that runs Phaser (I'm having trouble breaking 20k, I'd say my flying sucks). I'm learning more about keybinding but I confess to not fully understanding how global cooldowns fit together. I can't even imagine what a 65k parse looks like. But I run nearly every energy type... my favs are phaser, ap, tetryon... Its just like, in these build pages, there are these people that are convinced there is only one way to do things. It's more like... yes there's some great formulas, and some common places to start, but this is a complicated system that allows for a LOT of variation and you should be allowed to choose your path without having to accept some dudes attitude just because he scores high on the charts. I mean granted you've got to give some people tough love, and I'd value anyone's opinion performing anywhere on that scale. I just don't see why that demeans me as a human being in their eyes... and I'm not saying this because people do it to me all the time and it hurts my self esteem, I say it because I've been involved in a lot of different groups where elitism existed... I even WAS the elitist douchbag for years, till things fell apart and I got my act together, learned my lessons. Now I guess I just see it happening to the little guys, the new people trying to figure the game out... because it wasn't that long ago for me. I was lucky to have a kind teacher, and then a few more kind teachers who eventually led me here. I like the idea of paying it forward, if I can help someone I definitely will. Part of that is me hoping I can get better at videography and recording vids... it would be great it one day I had something to offer. Thus far my greatest video is me doing Bug Hunt Elite having my wife interrupt me to hand me a drawing my nephew made me and talking to her, without ever once missing a beat in the STF. It was hilarious. (to me I guess)
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Thing is AP is only good for a 4% increase in damage over the others (going by what Vel has said in the past). 4% is a fair bit up the top end of the field, but below 50K it's much of a muchness.

Basically pick a colour and setup around it. There's top end ships using all sorts of weapons, Ryan was using Phased Biomatter for a while when the Xindi Narcine Carrier was released, then passed them over to the Armitage and co.

As for all the elitest stuff, it's kinda simple. Ayrton Senna said "Always strive to be the best, but never believe you've become the best". I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, though even he fell for the trap of Ego many times. He was arrogant too, but in the end he's still regarded as one of the best F1 driver's ever. To pair skill with humility is I believe the highest achievement in sport, whether it's physical or mental.

I hope you enjoy messing with the video's it's a lot of fun :)
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Greatness and Elitism... I was co-founder of and we hand hundreds of people practically worshiping us every time we released a new rendering, we thought we were the best when it came to the online 3-D Graphics community... 12 years have past and hardly anyone remembers we even existed. There's still a few people who get into 3d modeling and find one of our models, probably over-converted into garbage, with no idea of where it came from, rendering God knows what... It's like Solomon said, how all our efforts end up as dust in the wind.

I have been involved in so many things, so many groups... met truly amazing people who did extraordinary things. I studied history and archaeology in college and discovered some even more REALLY amazing things. And I've been sick, I've had my mind broken, I've accomplished almost nothing in my own name. Some degrees maybe, things I can SAY, pictures and items I can SHOW...

Truthfully I've come to that point in my life where there are fewer days ahead than left behind, and as tempting as it is to be great, there is this inevitable feeling, this need for legacy, to have left a little mark of yourself, either on the Earth or among its people.

STO is a game, but it does happen to be a part of something I have loved my entire natural life, something that comforted me in some of my darkest hours, and a great deal of humor... of my creative potential... Hell at our wedding, my wife invited 80 people, her family and friends. I invited 12, my parents, grandparents, my brother, and my Star Trek club.

I'm not going to be remembered for how much damage I did in ISA. Nobody now, here in Spokane, even knows it was me who designed the grade for the Freya Street Bridge in such a way that driving over it at 30 miles an hour wouldn't cause your car to leave the road. They don't know about the plot of land I helped rezone at Fort Lewis to build a McDonald's. My name wasn't in the article about the guy who once tried to rob me and ended up serving 3 years in prison for stealing a bag of cookies. And honestly, none of this bothers me.

There are things I do worry about being remembered for. How awkward and weird and kinda pervy I was in High School... How I once got fired from McDonald's for Sexual Harassment. The fact that I literally lost my virginity while watching "The Mothman Prophecies". Or far worse things... the day I almost walked away from my wife. The number of times I tried to commit suicide. The fact that I would be so successful in school and yet push myself so hard to end up in a worthless, depressive fugue state for three years. I don't think anyone wants to be remembered for those things, but they happened, so what do you do?

There's an episode of Voyager called "Living Witness", where a backup of the Doctor is stolen and reactivated many years later, and the story of the encounter with Voyager is so wrong he spends to episode trying to correct the account, which will have a significant effect upon that society. Its obviously not one of the better episodes... I guess depending on your taste... but to try and make a point...

I have bipolar disorder, I was diagnosed in 1997 and its always been this difficult thing to deal with, not just the illness, but the perception... medical journals change definitions constantly, new medications are pushed or discovered to be a class to make it worse... and then the real trap for me, when I did find the medication that helps me, I get too confident in that mode and suddenly forget the disorder, which would be fine, except that its sinisterly affecting my judgement, causing me to do things to sabotage myself. And this has been greatly debated as to the source of the phenomena, but you could say "luckily" for me, my version of bpd happens to be the artistic, creative kind. I feel like this is pretty obvious in my work, and the fact that it is so ridiculously diverse.

What that has to do with that episode and I guess what I'm trying to say... there's that end conversation between the doctor and the scientist, where the doctor wants to shut himself down because the version of history he's telling could start a war, and the scientist argues that history has been abused and until the two sides know the truth they might never come to terms.

My head is a constant war of "living memory", of non-existent people who, through my imagined conversation, process the information I recieve. Except when I'm on Adderall and it used to be I could compartmentalize, but now I live in a state of constant frustration because I know at some point they'll stop medicating me again and I will go back to that living hell. So being great, being remembered... not so much an important thing to me. I mean my God for three years I sat in this chair and nothing mattered.

But its not really true, because something does matter, it still lives in my heart as my greatest wish, my greatest joy. and hope... its all about moments. Maybe its the moment I fly the perfect Tholian Alert or ISA, or go through BHE without a single shield heal or hypo... its about when a guy can't get through an episode because he doesn't know how to perform a build, and I can not only explain what his goal should be, but mail him a bunch of stuff that will get him by temporarily while he works that goal. More than that, more than the game, more than whatever crap I end up suffering in life... I guess to give it metaphor, I think I'd like my life to be a mosaic of moments... something that others can look and and walk away with a different perspective, but hopefully learn a few things... for one, that flowers grow out of dark moments... the courage comes from the smallest of places... that life without love is desperate and empty... and something I took away from my dad. Work hard, play hard, enjoy the fruits of your labor. And you truly can be the king of the universe in your own domain, a god of your kingdom... but, be careful that your domain doesn't shine so brightly that you can't see those around who ought to matter to you the most. Don't be so good at what you do you come to believe that by merely having a son and leaving him to his own devices he will shine brightly as you.

I'm sorry guys if this sounds like a suicide note or something... I PROMISE you its nothing like that. It's just that... I literally have not been able to think clearly in three years, and my family did this so I could get through the move without freaking out... and I can't help but thinh, inevitably, once the move is over... I mean I know we're going to try some different things. Its just something like $125-145 extra we'd need to be generating, just for the medication alone. My wife wants me on disability and we couldn't go through it because they processed it for depression and not anxiety, so there's this other lawyer... anyway. Dear lord. I am being ridiculously chatty with people I don't even know. Its sad that I don't have like, real life friends anymore to talk about this with, but they all went to war and had babies and moved away, and I crumbled mentally into this chair prison.

Anyway. Again. Sorry...

also I dunno why I keep apologizing, I'm not Canadian... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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