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#11793812 Nov 25, 2015 at 06:04 AM · Edited 6 years ago
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Accidentally left the dps-10,000 channel today i upload also true sto combat meter isa with 43.000 dps results.i will send here combat log and all other info.

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [05:07] DMG(DPS) -
@logos998: 14.19M(47.17K)
@njavaho: 12.63M(43.01K)
@adyronin: 7.91M(26.69K)
@t3rrorduk3: 2.26M(7.72K)
@Mallovoko: 977.45K(3.38K)
#12096156 Feb 23, 2016 at 01:50 PM
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Same situation here if i can get a re-invite to dps-10,000 channel if is possible plz on @sefirot33, i also send my combat log with 14k dps, thx in advance.
#12119295 Feb 29, 2016 at 08:39 PM
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Can I please get a re-invite to the DPS-30.000 channel on @chaosshrineinn - I recently got into the 50k channel but somehow I've deleted my 30k channel subscription, idiot that I am.

#12189018 Mar 20, 2016 at 11:04 PM · Edited over 5 years ago
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got removed from numbers channel by Drydon@shugawulf i can supply a word document of the whole conversation of what i said and supposed reason for it. If you dont not a big deal really.

[10:03] [DPS-10,000] Lionel@phantom_eight: I was going to say I have leech and I am 263
[10:03] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: so youre saying it both does and does not have diminishing returns
[10:03] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: i dont even know
[10:03] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: flow really doesn;t have diminsihing returns
[10:04] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: because it help every subsystem
[10:04] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: but focusing on flow too much is a bad thing
[10:04] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: now if you coul maintain and keep 125-135 power at alltimes and you can achieve that 100% of uptime with a lower flow cap -- then you would have a dimishing return
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: but that does not exist
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: dimishing returns in that once youre at weapon cap for energy builds and above 75 in everything else, each point no longer contributes to those bonuses and leaves you choosing flow over something else
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: so flow caps are important
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: you start to ignore other things like eps, or set bonuses
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: thats the definition of diminishing returns
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: malaiki, you are simply wrong
[10:05] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: that ONLY applies to amp -- what about nukara offensive?
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: ok so having 8 flow consoles is ok?
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: each additional point gives more damage
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: so what will flow caps do if at your current power levels are completely maxed 100% of the time ith leech?
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Mara@zohar78: tba
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: Overcap
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: one more point will what, buff your drains a tiny amount?
[10:06] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: that does not exist
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: It doesn't?
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: focusing too much on one thing isnt good
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: so as I said, unless you can get 100% in ALL subsytems and maintain 100% uptime, then you would see some diminishing returns
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: everything must at as a whole and different aspects must be covered
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: i dont think you understand what dimishining means
[10:07] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: there are others ways to do tht
[10:08] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: such as using a2b and epw
[10:08] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: who me?
[10:08] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: i clearly grasp diminishing returns -- hell we are the ones who know where all the lines are
[10:08] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: at 75 subsystem power, additional points diminish in value, when youre at max weapon power 100% of the time (while firing), each additional point is again less useful in flow
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: if just want to be a drain boat then sure. dps? no
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: no, completely incorrect
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: please stop spreading ignorance in this channel
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: whts the highest channel your in right now?
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: me?
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] RSi'nn@sinn74: lol
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: excellent question
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Camille@Raiden993TT: tba
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Nulo'nu@FutureCaptain: lol
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Nosferata@teacherkirby: lol
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Vatallus@vatallus00: rofl you aksed porchong???
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Mara@zohar78: tba
[10:09] [DPS-10,000] Vatallus@vatallus00: *asked
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Nulo'nu@FutureCaptain: have to laugh lmao
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] R'Rikka@xbalanke: any tba?
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: my power level is over 9000 personally
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: well lets see- since these are all my channels -I would say as high as you can get
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Malaiki@hockeymg1987: *flexes*
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Axe@saber120: Yep. Someone doesn't understand porchsong
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: Holy shit you just dropped the ball there
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] RSi'nn@sinn74: XD
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] Axe@saber120: or better worded, who porchsong is
[10:10] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: i know maybe two ppl here
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Kanga Roo@amieenicole: CGA reform
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Master Troll@alfiedono: porchie is a well known troll in these channels
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Axe@saber120: lol
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Wolfgang@11001001_v2.0: cga
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] R'Rikka@xbalanke: lf4m tba
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Freda@starkiller18vans: cga
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Camille@Raiden993TT: tba
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] RSi'nn@sinn74: apparently not THAT well known XD
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Pooch McDuff@bmfpoochieforum: tba
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Nosferata@teacherkirby: ROFLMAO
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] calyx@calyx82: tba
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: Someone thinks they can troll better than me?
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Donald J. Trump@spencerb96: Porch is a massive troll
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Donald J. Trump@spencerb96: and I will prosecute you
[10:11] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: wtf is going on in here
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: #MakeDPSGreatAgain
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Mara@zohar78: tba
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Lionel@phantom_eight: omg what did I start hahaaha
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Axe@saber120: I don't get it. What does pound sign make dps great again mean? :):):)
[10:12] [DPS-30.000] Shran'na@ileriha: 1 more CGA
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] R'Rikka@xbalanke: tba fty
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Sean@intrinsical: Its a twitter thing
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Shran'na@ileriha: 1 more CGA
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: you mean twater
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: That's not the pound sign lol
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Freda@starkiller18vans: cga
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] RSi'nn@sinn74: corned beef hashtag
[10:12] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: £ is the pound sign
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: # is the sharp sign
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Lionel@phantom_eight: the sign (#), representing a pound as a unit of weight or mass, or as represented on a telephone keypad or computer keyboard.
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: trolling is dumb, came here for real dps building not 4chan
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Shadow@CaptainKrud: LF3M ISA
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: Is it?
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Lionel@phantom_eight: ISA o7
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Vatallus@vatallus00: you can ask porchong about dps build
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: exactly, so when i see someone saying something incorrect, I make sure i correct hem
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Axe@saber120: pornstar 69, this is a great place to learn. I suggest asking porchsong
[10:13] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: Praise Porchsong
[10:14] [DPS-10,000] Sean@intrinsical: #PorchsongForPresident
[10:14] [DPS-10,000] Elendro Elessedil@jhmgrose: How Can DPS Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
[10:14] [DPS-10,000] pornstar 69@bcgibson2: and why is prchsong not holding number record right now?
[10:14] [DPS-10,000] Gibbs@Baggart: Hey poarch could I get an invite to 30k channel when you get a chance?
[10:18] [Tell] To Hillary for Prison@porchsong: i dont know why you remove me from the channel when im talking about builds
[10:18] [Tell] Drydon@shugawulf: join a good fleet, those channels are full of trolls
[10:19] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: who are you?
[10:19] [Tell] Hillary for Prison@porchsong: actually, a different admin kicked you -- I was still responding to you
[10:20] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: look up and see who was calling a specific person a troll
[10:20] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: i called trolling dumb idk what you saw
[10:20] [Tell] Drydon@shugawulf: fair enough
[10:21] [Tell] To Hillary for Prison@porchsong: aparently shugawulf
[10:21] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: idk who he is
[10:22] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: so?
[10:22] [Tell] Drydon@shugawulf: in pvp, so what, lost that convo a few mins ago
[10:22] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: little confused what you saw and why your so quick to block ppl
[10:25] [Tell] To Drydon@shugawulf: whever doesnt matter theres another channel i play be in if you want to be dictator of the channel go ahead without me
#12189026 Mar 20, 2016 at 11:09 PM
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my i point out that i didnt break any rules or issued any warnings. i was banned quickly without explaination before i was rude.
#12210339 Mar 27, 2016 at 06:44 AM · Edited over 5 years ago
DPS Operators
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I don't think you were banned by Drydon@shugawulf, mainly as he isn't an admin. According to Porchsong one of the other admins kicked you, and after reading your transcript, I would assume you were kicked because you were giving out wrong information and then argued with the people who were trying to correct you and set you straight.
#12407332 May 24, 2016 at 11:49 PM
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my i point out that you have to resort to removing users to prove any points. if you truely beileve dps and having a say that your 100% right prove that that will get you laid. i came back to laugh beacuse i keep getting comments about you what guys said about me and think thats its funny thats someone who i cant even remember reached all the way to me after months each time. tell porchesong while your at it to get a life and go to the beach and cataach some tail instead of playing fucking videogames and worrying about what someone said years ago. enjoy weebs
#12736974 Sep 25, 2016 at 05:39 PM
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Can you please re-invite me to DPS-10,000, DPS-30.000, DPS-50,000, DPS-75,000 channels. @xvidvideo
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