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#12912677 Dec 11, 2016 at 01:09 PM
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Confesson : I just use the tool, but don't understand all the parameters involved. Maybe there is a FAQ or explanation on site you might give me a link to?

This was my problem:

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [01:35] DMG(DPS) - @Felisean: 19.13M(214.75K) @lordcruncher: 7.95M(89.70K) @Duke_Tbar: 6.15M(83.32K) @reed4fun: 6.62M(74.14K) @affe020: 3.96M(45.32K)

My time was 73.8 sec, the next lowest time was 87.4 sec

I have had this happen with a 111.1 k run also.

ISA: When it was time to go.. I waited for pets as requested, count was given to go on 3.. but I think everyone just went on 1. I got NO shots in on ISA for the opening NPC, everything was killed already when I got there. I did not get my first shot in until the Left side. Is this when MY TIME started and why my DPS record was refused? Other people on that map, the League accepted the dps.

What is the minimum time .. and how do you combat all those 200k+ boats that might be present so your combat time is accepted? How in the heck do 400+k boats take longer where their dps is accepted?

Confused :)

Tks for your time all.. and BTW.. tks for the DPS Meter
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