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Space DPS builds

[Pinned] Scimitar Build(ISA-DR Record ship)

My Scim build, used for the 180k run.Scimitar
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Space DPS builds


I just did ISA and got 51K so I need an invite to the 50K channelSCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [02:13] DMG(DPS) - dan2: 10.70M(82.28K) Moses: 10.47M(79.93K) Degra: 6.67M(51.31K) Skrigel: 5.60M(43.40K) CapTain Sisko: 4.99M(39.00K)
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Space DPS builds

DPS Science

What is a good ship that a Tac can use for Exotic damage? What would be the best consoles to get the most out of the ship?my main DPS is KDF Tac
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Space DPS builds

Kelvin dreadnaught

just picked up the kelvin dreadnaught and want to build a DPS killing machine. what does everyone on recommend. starting from scratch. I have 7 of the bump to max epic tokens to use here and have usually gone polaron but will to dump all of it to ...
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Space DPS builds

simitar problems

Hello i am martin from the Netherlands.So sorry for my bad english i am running simi t5u fed side. And use 5 romulan opretives on the bridge here under my setup.•Running 7 times antiproton beam arrays crtd x 3 pen xiv epic.•Running 1 cutting beam ...
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Space DPS builds

T6 Nautilus 133k ISA

Here my Actual Build from my SciChanged Emergency Weapon Cycle as Trait out and put Exotic Modulation in - Infected [LR] (S) - [01:57] DMG(DPS) - @princ: 15.26M(133.55K) @neosa:...
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Space DPS builds

Fleet Long Range Science Vessel T6 - I need help in my build

HiI am a newcomer to the DPS.And I need help in my build.Thanks for Your help.
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Space DPS builds

127k DPS Sci

Wanna share with u my Sci Build that i use atm.Best Hit so far today on a Fleet Scryer is 127k in ISA.
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Space DPS builds

Presidio Build. Need advice.

I've been trying to up the DPS on this thing and I can't get aboce 10-20K ever. I've got some pretty good gear and seem to be following the DPS guides I've seen but I feel I should be pulling a lot more. If I parse the PVE's I do, I am always near...
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Space DPS builds

Fleet Alehal T6 single beam setup - advice please option for missing boff skills but I'm currently using: endothermic 1 and endothermic 2Doffs:1 x purple Conn - recharge TT /Buff1 x blue Conn - as above3 x blue DCE - chance to reduce rec...
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Space DPS builds

Avenger Dual Beam build

Hi,this is my settings on fleet avenger, i worked on with RyanSTO advice. Thanks at him.U.S.S. Panther
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Space DPS builds


So I was messing around with this: general I'm quite happy with it, but wondered if there were any suggestions in regards to the Tac Boff abilities, I'm struggling not to have...
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Space DPS builds

Fleet Manticore Kinetic Strike Ship

Fleet Manticore Kinetic Strike ShipThe heavy lifting is enhanced via Concentrate Firepower 3, and cycling Kemocite 1 and 2.I still need to work on my piloting, but it gets the job done.
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Space DPS builds

50k+ JHSS AP-DBB 50k DPS in Public Queue ISA.Any refinements or ideas are welcome. I've worked pretty hard on this build over the last month or so, and will listen to any criticisms that can i...
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Space DPS builds

Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought - Fed Toon - 78.6K DPS

***************UPDATED*************Finally got the frecking ship over 75K dps in a split run with 1 recluse in there aswell.. went left with 2 others recluse ran right. anywho.. New updated build:
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Space DPS builds

Avenger Rom Plasma Build

Hi guys,Thought I would post up my build having just hit 35k today:—Infected Space[4:47]— Dmg(DPS) —Jara 9,842,617(35,027)
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Space DPS builds

My Fleet Excelsior Build

I am currently working on my Fleet Excelsior build. I have her up to 16k DPS in ISA. Any thoughts for squeezing out more DPS? I am working on the Rep system for the Level 4 Nukera trait.Thanks.
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Space DPS builds

Fleet Dauntless Partgen FAW Spammer

Hello all, here is my Dauntless (FESV)I'm looking for advice from anyone that may know a little more about mechanics than I do. I regularly get around 30k-40k with this build; depending largely on the PUG group or the lag. Prior to the Particle Ma...
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Space DPS builds

Pilot Builds?

Show me
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Space DPS builds

Opinions on T-6 Andromeda build

Hello Captains and Admirals:I acquired the new Andromeda Exploration Cruiser and it is a beauty but I know I can get more DPS out of her.Here is the link of my build so far. Any opinions or comments about this build will be greatly appreciated.htt...
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