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Space Debuffing/Support Builds

[Pinned] Game's highest dps tank (Current Engineer DPS Record)

Here's the build link.Updated a bit. It's about 5k behind, after parsing at 100,603k, in a L->R run with no recluses/support ships (outside of mine).
Small Vel 6y
Vel54533Small sonulinu 6y
Space Debuffing/Support Builds

Sci heal/debuff Recluse

We use this build on our sci heal/debuff recluse to support the scims on record runs. Build atm without skilltree etc.if you need more dmg for the run => remove sif gens, put universal into these slots and use more beam consoles.doffs:2 VR Conn...
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Felisean01797Member avatar small Felisean 6y
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