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Recently Returned to STO

I've been out if the game for about a year and I was wondering if anyone had a good build to get back into the DPS chase. Best ships I have available right now is the fleet t6 Mogh, the Nandi and the Lukari Ho'kuun. The toon that has the fleet Mog...
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STO General Discussion

Alt Lexington - MY PERSONAL BEST

I'm sure it wont last for long, but it is a good feeling 😀
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STO General Discussion

50k channel invite

when you get 10 30 and 50 do you get invites to all channels or just the top one youre in? i'd love to participate in all that i can now that i'm above 50. my in game name is @sps1984
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STO General Discussion

Top 5 DPS ships

Does the league have a definitive top 5 dps ship list? I finially got a t6 lock box but having a hard time figuring which ship to get for my Fed Tac. I allready have the JJPrise so any input would be great,thx
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please re-invite

Accidentally left the dps-10,000 channel today i upload also true sto combat meter isa with 43.000 dps results.i will send here combat log and all other info.SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [05:07] DMG(DPS) -@logos998: 14.19M(47.17K)@njavaho: 12.63M(43....
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The negative stigma attached to anything "DPS"

Hi,I've been a member of a fleet for a very long time,the 14th will make 3 years.I've made it my home,I rose up through the ranks to upper staff two years ago.A new gung-ho staff member asked why we couldn't get more fleet STFs going like we used ...
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STO General Discussion

Introduce yourself here!

New to the website & forums, introduce your self here.I'm Tank, aka Bob the Romulan. I built and maintain this site and forums. I like pie.
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STO General Discussion

New year 2016

So...happy new years trekkies, prosperity and have a good pleasure in game.:)
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Channel re-invite

Hey so I haven't played seriously since around DR because they made the game terrible but I had the itch to redownload the client and at least play star trek rainbow beams. I also hit Porch's mom last night so I'm not sure what channel that gets m...
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STO General Discussion

add rank to forum

hi allI am member of channel 10000 but still my rank here is Rank: No Rank.If somebody can help.thanksnjavaho
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STO General Discussion

Gone for a long time, may need a reinvite to 10K

Hello all,I left STO last year when Delta Rising ground me to dust and I couldn't take it anymore. I had access to the DPS-10K channel with my character Selwyn@saeyn (pronounced "sane" like my forum name, but some interloper had already taken Sa...
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STO General Discussion

10k DPS Channel Invite?

Howdy,On August 8, I posted a 10k DPS run in ISA using SCM. I also made a request in the SCM Forum to be reviewed for an invite. One of the channel admins advised they would take a look at it, but I've not heard anything. Is there anything else...
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STO General Discussion

Guys, are we gentlemen or not ?

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker...)These days I do a lot of runs and I see a lot of "incivility" during those.Recently, there are a lot of people who don't stand the "go" signal or even the "pets"... So far I have always believ...
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STO General Discussion


Accidentally left the dps-10,000 channel today instead of muting it when I couldn't take it anymore to only see useless CCA queues. Was wondering if I could get a re-invite, even if right now the channel is totally useless.Idea: Ban CCA until the ...
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STO General Discussion

Validity of Scores

Are the Admins going to make a statement about the obvious issue with the new Fleet Science console. I just had some nitwit in a Scimi beam boat with just AP DBs post 137,000+DPS. He was flying like an idiot and got blown up at least once a minute...
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POST HERE FOR REINVITE TO CHANNELSPost your handle.We are working through full list, post here and await invite. Please be patient.UPDATE: You can now upload your parse via the new parser (STO Combat Meter - See main page) for an invite.If it's be...
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STO General Discussion

Hello! I am declaring CLR my sworn enemy.

Hello everyone. I hope all is well. Could someone do me a favor and see if a parse I did managed to upload? I can't keep that ###### parser working long enough to check.I finally broke 30k. In a pug. I thought "alright!" and went to upload my...
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STO General Discussion


Hi guys,just a question on the status of the new parser, any update you can/ want to share? BRDark
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STO General Discussion

The Spirit Of THIS DPS-channel

Sooo... a friend of mine, who´s only occassionally in the channel (like me, bc we´re doing many runs with fleet mates) asked a question in the channel. But occassionally or not, he´s EARNED it.With "earned" it I mean that we did a run with him, an...
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STO General Discussion

Tac Ody T5-U - Advice needed

Hi there!I´m working towards an invite to the 30k-channel and I would like to get the invite with THIS toon and not with my Romulan-Scimitar-toon (K.E. is my main and... yeah, I just LOVE the Odyssey^^).And I´ve put this post deliberately into the...
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