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STO General Discussion

JHSS rage

So apparently this was a thing, the thread got deleted and then another turned up, then the account presumably got banned so a different account started posting similar stuff, etc, etc, etc.
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STO General Discussion

Resetting the DPS League and Channels

For the love of god let's move that discussion here and away from the main STO forums. Spending too much time having to read unrelated comments and opinions and want to spend more actually hearing DPS League members' opinions. I would add a poll...
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STO General Discussion

Server Status

Wondering if there's any easy to implement way of getting a current server status notification on here?I don't mean about whether the sever is up or not, but more about how playable the game is in terms of lag.Probably not possible, but would be a...
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STO General Discussion

The end of an Era is upon us (Plasma Doping)

Embassy Console Plasma Procs: Resolved an issue that was allowing the damage of these procs to scale with consoles that improved Plasma and/or Energy Damage, including themselves. Resolved an issue with their damage scaling potential that was caus...
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STO General Discussion

Origin of 'Wizards of STO'

So I'm under the impression that it was a dev that coined the phrase 'Wizards of STO' in a podcast.Anyone know which dev and/or podcast?
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