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[Pinned] Missing Invite
STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

[Pinned] Missing Invite

If it's been 48 hours or more since you've uploaded your parse via SCM for a channel invite and you still haven't received yours, let us know here.@handle:DPS:
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

[Pinned] SCM - Sto Combat Meter - BUG REPORT Thread

Please post your bug reports here. When the parser crashes, it will jam a window on your screen filled with text. Just move your window down, then complete your run. Then open window and copy the error text and paste text into Th...
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[Pinned] DPSMark Feedback
STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

[Pinned] DPSMark Feedback

If you have any thing to say about the foundry mission 'DPSMark' for testing for entry into 100k please let us know here, including links to combat logs here, or mail them to @alfiedono ingame.
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[Pinned] SCM Links
STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

[Pinned] SCM Links

STO Combat Meter: Combat Meter - Mac Compatible Version: are turned OFF during open beta testing. Once we get bugs sq...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM clicking the DPS channels logo renders a HTTP 502 Bad gateway

Hey in SCM clicking the DPS channels logo renders a HTTP 502 Bad gateway when the following site attempts to load 502 Bad Gateway error is an HTTP status code that means that one server on the internet received an invalid res...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM won't install

this is the error messagePLATFORM VERSION INFO Windows : 10.0.16299.0 (Win32NT) Common Language Runtime : 4.0.30319.42000 System.Deployment.dll : 4.7.2556.0 built by: NET471REL1 clr.dll : 4.7.2600.0 built by: NET471REL1LAST dfdll.dll :...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

DPS refused: Combat Time to Low

Confesson : I just use the tool, but don't understand all the parameters involved. Maybe there is a FAQ or explanation on site you might give me a link to?This was my problem:SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [01:35] DMG(DPS) - @Felisean: 19.13M(214.75K)...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Can not start the application program

Hi, i keep getting this bug. can not start the application program, contact the publisher of the application programive tried reinstalling it alot of times deleted all the files restarted computer and i still get the same message, any advice?INFOR...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM being flagged as unsafe, Install blocked.

As the title says, the file is being deemed unsafe with medium threat rating, my anti-virus is blocking the installation. I've got a new computer and am currently trying to reinstall. Is this a known issue? What's the cause?
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

What are the requirements to upload a CCA?

I got my best CCA by a mile today, but I can't upload it because it "doesn't meet requirements".What are those requirements?
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Requirements for uploading DPSUF?

Hey, I have a DPSUF parse I'd like to upload, but it says it doesn't meet the requirements. It was on elite, so what other requirements are there?Thanks
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Suggestion: Additional DPS Board Stats (Not Just Ranking)

Since the board is collecting a fair amount of data... was wondering how feasible it would be to export some interesting stats about the game. Some thoughts: % of beam users in the board per career (minimum 40% of total parse coming from beam and...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM worked great....Until today...Please any ideas to fix.

I have been using the parser from the time it came out with no problems and now I tried to use it today and it is not working at all for me. I open it and get .net framework error and I hit continue and then get another error and it will not read ...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM won't parse since 11.5 patch

pre-S11.5 patch working fine with one CombatLog (instead of the time/dated logs). Default location is fine; It "sees" CombatLog.log when using browse or default location. Have run ISA and Argala a dozen times and Real Time Parser does not registe...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Uploads on CCA today

Have the uploads for CCA been shutdown post update? I haven't been able to upload my scores today
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Update today, not working.

SCM updated automatically today and then crashed the first time i tried to start the realtime parser. after the crash SCM could not see the combat log file... I deleted and recreated the file and scm still could not see it. Other parsing software ...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Alpha strike

Would it be possible to have a monthly result posted of the highest alpha strike... This could be posted to the forums and give players another target. This way channels and groups would be able to structure competitions and highest one hits...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

STO combat meter not working since update

Hi all,The combat log meter isn't working since the last patch.I read somewhere that this is due to something they changed (added dates and time?), but i can no longer find the link to reference to..Anyhow, is there a fix?i just changed my build a...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

win vers can't clear log, permissions exception error

pic of error Ran into another user on the dps channel having the same problem. I'm on win 7 pro and they had the same problem on win7(?) and win10
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM ISA Table Request: Check for hits to both Transformers

There has been a trend lately where people camp the gate/spheres instead of helping at the transformers. I think it hurts the team overall. Would it be a good idea for SCM to check for hits to both transformers and only allow parse uploads if th...
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