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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

DPS CLR—Infected Space for invite to channel

hi alli return to game after 1 year but playing from beta.i will like to enterr in 10000 channel.This is last encounter i sent link for combat log.Rick@ | 8339 dps - 159 hps [ 4939193 dmg - 94128 healed] 34,036.67 dpsKERRY | 35190 dps - 6112 hps [...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Graph breakdown of damage out similar to how ACT used to do it.

It would look something like this:
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Request: Damage type on leader board

Was just thinking, it might be interesting to be able to see at a glance the top DPS weapon(s) on a record, i.e. AP DBB, Kemo, Plasma or Neut Torp etc.Could just be in the style of a coloured dot somewhere, when hovered over tooltip says what it is.
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Question: Does crit rate include pets?

First, thanks to everyone who has worked on SCM. It's a wonderful program and really easy to use. I appreciate the time and effort put into it.I was wondering about the crit rate calculated by SCM. I noticed that it seemed low (lower than what the...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Requested Feature: CritD (Severity) and Shield Resistance

Hello!I like the SCM parser and use it more and more, but one feature I keep going back to the CombatLogReader for is the Adv.Calculation. It shows values for Crit severity and shield resist.Is there a way to see this information in SCM?If not co...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

CombatLogs for 75k+

When using the new SCM parser, are dropbox links to the combatlog still necessary for an invite to the 75k channel? Asking cause when uploading I couldn't find anywhere to add a link in SCM like CLR had.
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Getting DPS-League data

Hi, I want to do some data analysis on data being tracked by the DPS-League, and I couldn't find a better place to do this.Is there any kind of information on how to query the data, or export it in CSV format so I can generate some plots, and give...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

SCM and linux...

Hey folks,well its rare i guess, but im actually playing on STO on linux (via Wine) and its actually running great. Now when it comes to parsing, the nice thing about CLR is - its java and works flawlessly for me. Tried to get anything out of SCM ...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Is NTTE / ground in general planned to be supported?

Just curious. Ground parses right now assume you're in space with some things.
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Log Parser: Wrong profession and missing Affiliation

I recently broke 44K and in my excitement checked the OFFICIAL DPS table to see if I cracked the top 500. Unfortunately, it had my profession listed as Tac and my affiliation listed as unknown. Not sure if there is a way on the user end to fix thi...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Log parser (SCM)

How do,Just wanted to say that I'm really liking the way the league tables have now been incorporated into the parser, particularly being able to filter by career; makes my eng main seem slightly more respectable in terms of damage!Big-ups to whoe...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark


CLR—Infected Space[6:18]— Dmg(DPS) —Curtis 12.537.596(33.703) Marvin 11.479.105(30.693) Talmog 5.453.218(14.659) Selan 3.896.896(10.309) Zev 3.756.606(10.126)
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Requested Feature: Damage In (For the Tank-y Types)

First, I love what I'm seeing in the new parser. It looks and feels great, and the addition of the RTP could prove to be invaluable. But on to business, as the title suggests and if possible, I would love to see the addition of 'damage in' for tho...
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STO Combat Meter & DPSMark

Working on Linux

I run STO uasing a program called PlayonLinux on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit and with the .net 4.5 extensions installed the new combat meter is running. Took a few tries to get .net 4.5 but once it was working the meter worked.
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