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#s / Apr 30, 2016
With today's update to SCM we have added a new table for a solo foundry map called DPSMark. This is intended to overcome the severe limitations of ISA as a DPS measurement standard, particularly for the high end of the DPS spectrum. These limitations have largely arisen from:

- Substantial power creep in the game and the relatively low level of hit points available on the ISA map (which needs to be shared between 5 players on a team).
- The advent of a myriad of team buffing abilities which have significantly reduced the consistency and comparability of DPS records obtained in ISA.
- New powers and abilities that can be abused to inflate DPS measurement on the ISA map, particular on self-healing and semi-persistent targets.

Some of the key benefits of DPSMark include:

- Removal of team factors which can distort the comparison of DPS records across different ISA runs.
- A consistent bench marking environment, allowing you to better gauge the relative performance of different builds and setups, as well as the relative performance of different players.
- No cooldown/waiting period between DPS bench marking attempts.
- Significant reduction to the lag experienced during DPS game play.
- Designed and catered for builds that are effective in ISA and the rest of the game (i.e. you won't have to purposely change your build design/focus to excel in DPSMark).
- No issues with people not respecting Wait For Pets calls.

With the introduction of this new map and table we are also opening the DPS-100,000 channel. The DPS-100,000 channel will be based on records from the DPS Mark foundry map. It is a high point to reach, do not expect to get there easily just because you do over 100k on ISA. It is however a new challenge for everyone to strive for.

The DPS Mark map is available for both Fed and KDF characters. For Feds it starts on Earth Space Dock, the door is just to the right of the exchange terminals. For KDF it starts on Qo'noS with the entry being a console next to the transporter operator in the first city. To find the mission simply go to the foundry and search DPSMark under Browse All. For those using the German STO client you will need to set your language to English in the foundry to find the mission. Additional start points for both factions will be added in the future for added player convenience.

For your parse to be valid the map must be played on Advanced setting and solo. To change your difficulty setting go to your In Progress tab, you can find the difficulty in the lower left corner of the window.

If you have played the map on advanced and are having issues with uploads please save your parse and mail it to @alfiedono for review. This is a new map with new requirements for parsing, there is still some fine tuning to be done on the requirements for upload.



PorchSong / Jul 21, 2015
STO Combat Meter:

STO Combat Meter Guide:

DPS League uploads have now been enabled. We are also getting some reports that there are some false positives by a few Antivirus Scanners on install. I assure you they are false and we will work on resolving that.

Please go to Forums for Bug Reporting.

This is NOT the place to request features. This forum will be for the .net error message you will get if it crashes. Move window down, complete your run, then copy paste the error message to and upload link to forum.



MAC USERS: This version was compiled by a mac user and should work for you:

Since cryptic in their infinite wisdom decided to change how combat log files work, to make SCM work best you'll need to add the following command to your command line options in your STO launcher.
Agresiel / Jun 28, 2015
Hey everyone!

So, the new fleet holding is on tribble right now and has some interesting extras for you guys in terms of DPS you will be getting +1 trait slot to each slot except personal traits (supposed to be a personal trait revamp soon 9 ground + 9 space) there is also reports of some other fleet wide DPS benefits too!

This new holding will be completed as fast as humanly possible within the DPS-Channels FED fleet every 20h without fail, if your fleet is dead or under occupied feel free to come over to the DPS-Channels FED fleet, as long as there are DPS channels this fleet will be active.

To join the holodeck fleet contact any of the below people in game via /tell or mail

The fleets structure will be contribution based and is as follows:

Rank 1 - Red Shirt - Open to all members of any length of service that has less then 75,000 contributions
~ Has ability to chat in fleet and contribute to all events and projects, no access to bank or fleet provision

Rank 2 - Lieutenant - open to all members with a contributions of 75,000+
~ Fleet Store
~ Fleet Bank
~ Fleet Invite

Rank 3 - Lieutenant Commander - Open to all members with contributions of 250,000+
~ Fleet Store
~ Fleet Bank
~ Fleet Invite

Rank 4 - Commander - Open to all members with contributions of 500,000+
~ Fleet Bank
~ Fleet Store
~ Fleet Invite
~ Create Fleet Event in Fleet events tab

Rank 5 - Captain - open to all members with contributions of 1,000,000+
~ Fleet Bank
~ Fleet Store
~ Fleet Invite
~ Create Fleet Event in Fleet events tab
~ Invite Non Fleet Members To Fleet Maps

Rank 6 - Fleet Administrator - Admistrative role. Able to set projects and promote fleet members.

Hope to see you all soon !

PorchSong / Jun 10, 2015
Hello Every One,

PorchSong here. For those of you who do not know, Mal Reynolds (@agresiel) and I started the DPS Channels/League 2.5 years ago. It has been quite a journey with little to no hiccups until recently. No need to get into the details, but I can assure you that the DPS League and Channels are actually quite stronger for it—the community rallied in incredible ways that were quite touching. Also, we are almost back to where we were in membership before the unfortunate event.

Anyway, what I wanted to discuss is the nature of our very own CombatLog Parser. We have been vigorously planning and discussing the new parser and are currently in the process of writing one (Internal beta should be up by this weekend). We have some gifted programmers and an award winning GUI developer involved. I am quite sure when we release the stable version, you will be quite impressed.

What we are looking for from our community is input. We would like to know what things you would be interested in seeing in a Parser. This time we will have TOTAL control over this parser from the ground up. Our interface will be second to none. We will be able to implement changes as the parser matures making this program the de facto CombatLog Parser for the game. I really cannot impress upon you the level of talent we have on this project.

Please in-game mail us (@porchsong, @agresiel, @john98837, @alfiedono) and offer some suggestions you would like to see. They will ALL be read and discussed; and if the requests make sense, then they will be implemented—some sooner rather than later.

Also, you can mail the interface designer directly with your opinions or in game @nurkac

Lastly, this is just one phase of what we have been discussing over the last week. We have some incredible plans for the DPS League/Channels that will be following on the heels of the Parser (which is our main priority).

Please check back here often for updates.

Thank you for your continued support.

Bob / Jun 04, 2015
There has been an attack on the DPS Community.

We wish to reassure you that the channel structure has not changed.

The channels are still DPS-Public, DPS-10,000, DPS-30.000, DPS-50,000, DPS-75,000 & DPS-Prime along with DPS-G-200 & DPS-G-400.

Any other channels are imposters and are not related to the Official DPS Channels

Link to STO Forums sticky DPS thread with more information.

Official Statement about DPS community attacks

UPDATE: Most invites have now been resent to the DPS channels, if you haven't received an invite please let us know here.
Agresiel / May 21, 2015 / DPS-Development
Hey everyone, co-community manager @Agresiel here.

Just want to let you all know about a few developments within the channels following our successful admin meeting (hopefully minutes of the 3 hour meeting will be available for you to read soon) The admin restructure has meant all previous operators have been removed and I would like to announce that we are going to reach out to the community and give you all the opportunity to apply to become an operator. The application process can be found here. --->

These channels have always followed the ethos of helping anyone who asks, many players have been taken to one side by our admin and coached. (a long time ago i took porchsong to one side and coached him for hours) This advantage is a valuable resource we have and we would like to give that opportunity to our members so they too can benefit from hundreds of hours of experience, knowledge and theory crafting. We will do this by offering our time to people in the form of voice to voice time slots 2-4 hours a week from each of the admin staff willing and able to do so. During this time you will have your chosen admins full attention and can ask them anything you want hopefully you will use it to improve your dps and not ask them about their favorite food :P

Book admin face to face time with

Mal Reynolds@Agresiel--->

Other admins will follow... watch this space
Bob / Mar 02, 2015 / Competitions
The competition is all done and the entries are in, Jay won the 10 master keys and did a fantastic job with the banner.

He entered 3 images and I noticed 2 of them kinda looked like Rommie and Fed styled, so I asked him to throw together a KDF themed one and throw them all into one for me, and that's exactly what he did.

So thanks to all that took part, keep and eye out for more competitions.

And finally...

Good luck Jay, opening those boxes.
Bob / Feb 10, 2015 / Competitions
Hey everyone, as you have probably noticed the banner on the site isn't that inspired, it took about 2 minutes in Photoshop and I'm no graphical designer.

Think you can do better, well, we want to see it. Submit your artwork here and if it gets used you'll win 10 master keys.

We leave the entire design up to you and your imagination. The text should include 'DPS Channels' as the main focus and 'Brought to you by the Wizards of STO' should be less prominent. The size of the current banner is W977 x L186. As for format, the current one is a PNG, but I'm pretty sure this place will take just about anything. I personally use Paint.NET so it might be handy if an original copy of the winner could be provided in that format, but not entirely necessary as I can't imagine I'd ever change it.

Competition entry closes 23:59 GMT February 28th 2015.
User may submit as many entries as they want.
We reserve the right to accept no entries as winners, if decided by a majority of the DPS Channels Admin team.