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Art Work Competition Closed

Bob / Mar 02, 2015 / Competitions
The competition is all done and the entries are in, Jay won the 10 master keys and did a fantastic job with the banner.

He entered 3 images and I noticed 2 of them kinda looked like Rommie and Fed styled, so I asked him to throw together a KDF themed one and throw them all into one for me, and that's exactly what he did.

So thanks to all that took part, keep and eye out for more competitions.

And finally...

Good luck Jay, opening those boxes.


I really liked both the "federation" and the "romulan" style and it is nice to see all of them together now. Great idea.

But they look a bit fuzzy now, don't they?
now you mention it they do, it's probably something to do with the amount of messing about we had to do, the site, as you know is finicky, i'll chat to Jay and see what we can do about it.
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