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Apply to be a channel operator Today also book Admin face time.

Agresiel / May 21, 2015 / DPS-Development
Hey everyone, co-community manager @Agresiel here.

Just want to let you all know about a few developments within the channels following our successful admin meeting (hopefully minutes of the 3 hour meeting will be available for you to read soon) The admin restructure has meant all previous operators have been removed and I would like to announce that we are going to reach out to the community and give you all the opportunity to apply to become an operator. The application process can be found here. --->

These channels have always followed the ethos of helping anyone who asks, many players have been taken to one side by our admin and coached. (a long time ago i took porchsong to one side and coached him for hours) This advantage is a valuable resource we have and we would like to give that opportunity to our members so they too can benefit from hundreds of hours of experience, knowledge and theory crafting. We will do this by offering our time to people in the form of voice to voice time slots 2-4 hours a week from each of the admin staff willing and able to do so. During this time you will have your chosen admins full attention and can ask them anything you want hopefully you will use it to improve your dps and not ask them about their favorite food :P

Book admin face to face time with

Mal Reynolds@Agresiel--->

Other admins will follow... watch this space


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