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STO Combat Meter

PorchSong / Jul 21, 2015
STO Combat Meter:

STO Combat Meter Guide:

DPS League uploads have now been enabled. We are also getting some reports that there are some false positives by a few Antivirus Scanners on install. I assure you they are false and we will work on resolving that.

Please go to Forums for Bug Reporting.

This is NOT the place to request features. This forum will be for the .net error message you will get if it crashes. Move window down, complete your run, then copy paste the error message to and upload link to forum.



MAC USERS: This version was compiled by a mac user and should work for you:

Since cryptic in their infinite wisdom decided to change how combat log files work, to make SCM work best you'll need to add the following command to your command line options in your STO launcher.


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