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#s / Apr 30, 2016
With today's update to SCM we have added a new table for a solo foundry map called DPSMark. This is intended to overcome the severe limitations of ISA as a DPS measurement standard, particularly for the high end of the DPS spectrum. These limitations have largely arisen from:

- Substantial power creep in the game and the relatively low level of hit points available on the ISA map (which needs to be shared between 5 players on a team).
- The advent of a myriad of team buffing abilities which have significantly reduced the consistency and comparability of DPS records obtained in ISA.
- New powers and abilities that can be abused to inflate DPS measurement on the ISA map, particular on self-healing and semi-persistent targets.

Some of the key benefits of DPSMark include:

- Removal of team factors which can distort the comparison of DPS records across different ISA runs.
- A consistent bench marking environment, allowing you to better gauge the relative performance of different builds and setups, as well as the relative performance of different players.
- No cooldown/waiting period between DPS bench marking attempts.
- Significant reduction to the lag experienced during DPS game play.
- Designed and catered for builds that are effective in ISA and the rest of the game (i.e. you won't have to purposely change your build design/focus to excel in DPSMark).
- No issues with people not respecting Wait For Pets calls.

With the introduction of this new map and table we are also opening the DPS-100,000 channel. The DPS-100,000 channel will be based on records from the DPS Mark foundry map. It is a high point to reach, do not expect to get there easily just because you do over 100k on ISA. It is however a new challenge for everyone to strive for.

The DPS Mark map is available for both Fed and KDF characters. For Feds it starts on Earth Space Dock, the door is just to the right of the exchange terminals. For KDF it starts on Qo'noS with the entry being a console next to the transporter operator in the first city. To find the mission simply go to the foundry and search DPSMark under Browse All. For those using the German STO client you will need to set your language to English in the foundry to find the mission. Additional start points for both factions will be added in the future for added player convenience.

For your parse to be valid the map must be played on Advanced setting and solo. To change your difficulty setting go to your In Progress tab, you can find the difficulty in the lower left corner of the window.

If you have played the map on advanced and are having issues with uploads please save your parse and mail it to @alfiedono for review. This is a new map with new requirements for parsing, there is still some fine tuning to be done on the requirements for upload.





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