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DPS Channel Changes with ViL and SCM Update Fix

SOB / Jun 06, 2018 / DPS-Development
Howdy all, with ViL, we're taking the opportunity to adjust the upper parts of our channel lineup to adjust towards the large amount of power-creep we've gotten over the years.

DPS Channel Changes

Ground Channels - No Change

  • No Change

  • To be retired in July 2018.

  • To help with the transition for 50k players, achieving 50k DPS in HSE will also get you into 75k.
  • DPSMark will be used once we've tested it at lvl 65 to see what changes are needed.

  • New channel focused on Elite content. Entry Requirement is 75k DPS in HSE.
  • DPSMark will be used once we've tested it at lvl 65 to see what changes are needed.

  • ISA will no longer get you into this channel.
  • 160k in HSE or x DPS in DPSMark
  • DPSMark will be used once we've tested it at lvl 65 to see what changes are needed.

Reasons for retiring 50K channel

The 10, 30, 50,75 structure was initially designed years ago to cater for a player ISA DPS range that maxed out at about 125K. Since that time the DPS spread of the player base has more than doubled. The current DPS range no longer justifies the small channel bands that were suitable in the past.

Our review of actual channel usage metrics indicates that the 50K channel provides very limited functional purpose compared the 10, 30 and 75K channels. Unfortunately due to game channel subscription limits, and ensuring the total number of DPS channels remain manageable, redundant channels will have to give way to new channels that service the current needs of the playerbase.

We understand that the retirement of the 50K channel may initially make some existing members uncomfortable (much like when the old 20K channel was retired). Therefore we have decided to implement a transition period of 4 weeks, during which the 50K channel will remain fully functional.

We feel that this period will provide the necessary time for players to accustom themselves to the new channel structure, and should afford ample opportunity for a reasonably committed player to graduate themselves (via skill progression, equipment upgrades, and/or ViL power creep) from 50K into the 75K channel by achieving either a 75K parse in ISA or a 50k parse in HSE.

Why use HSE for the higher channels?

The DPS channels were meant to be a place where you could find other players in a certain skill bracket to do harder content. ISA fails to represent what one will do in harder content due to years of powercreep and other issues detailed below. With yet another round of powercreep incoming, we feel it's time to do what we should've done 2 years ago with the massive power tsunami that came with the skill tree revamp.

Specific issues in ISA:

  • Due to many high end runs being <60-90s, it only shows burst, and not the sustained that you'll need in elite content.
  • Various methods of manipulation.
  • - Nanny Runs
  • - Doping on a Transformer or the Gateway (Shooting them while they're still being healed to inflate DPS), which anyone using an AoE build will do with or without trying.
  • An advanced queue doesn't represent elite content.

Full Channel Lineup and Entry method post-ViL


  • DPS-10,000: 10K DPS ISA
  • DPS-30.000: 30K DPS ISA
  • DPS-75,000: 75K DPS ISA record or 50K HSE*
  • DPS-Elites: 75K DPS HSE*
  • DPS-Prime: 160K DPS HSE*

*Entry requirements via DPSM will be determined at a later date after ViL expansion changes have been tested.


  • DPS-G-200: 200 DPS in NTTE
  • DPS-G-400: 400 DPS in NTTE
  • DPS-G-800: 800 DPS in NTTE


Fix for SCM Update Issue

Quite a few have reported issues following the recent updates SCM received. We don't know what is causing the issues, but this solution has been successful so far.

Download the below Dropbox link, and unzip it all to the same folder.

This is the .exe file for SCM. This method bypasses the update tool, and will require you to manually download the latest .exe file via that Dropbox link whenever a new SCM update goes out.

If this fails for you, then post in the bug thread on our forums.



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