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SOB / Jan 04, 2019 / Competitions
For all information on the contest, which has a Vaadwaur Juggernaut as the grand prize, take a look at the following reddit post.


Now that the foundry is back up, we've had some time to look at and tune how DPSMark can get you into the higher channels.

As such, DPS-Prime now requires you do 160k in DPSMark on advanced, up from the previous requirement of 100k.
Bob / Mar 02, 2015 / Competitions
The competition is all done and the entries are in, Jay won the 10 master keys and did a fantastic job with the banner.

He entered 3 images and I noticed 2 of them kinda looked like Rommie and Fed styled, so I asked him to throw together a KDF themed one and throw them all into one for me, and that's exactly what he did.

So thanks to all that took part, keep and eye out for more competitions.

And finally...

Good luck Jay, opening those boxes.
Bob / Feb 10, 2015 / Competitions
Hey everyone, as you have probably noticed the banner on the site isn't that inspired, it took about 2 minutes in Photoshop and I'm no graphical designer.

Think you can do better, well, we want to see it. Submit your artwork here and if it gets used you'll win 10 master keys.

We leave the entire design up to you and your imagination. The text should include 'DPS Channels' as the main focus and 'Brought to you by the Wizards of STO' should be less prominent. The size of the current banner is W977 x L186. As for format, the current one is a PNG, but I'm pretty sure this place will take just about anything. I personally use Paint.NET so it might be handy if an original copy of the winner could be provided in that format, but not entirely necessary as I can't imagine I'd ever change it.

Competition entry closes 23:59 GMT February 28th 2015.
User may submit as many entries as they want.
We reserve the right to accept no entries as winners, if decided by a majority of the DPS Channels Admin team.