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DPS Infomation
Channel Rules:

1. Please respect the Admins. We deal with a lot of issues daily and spend an enormous amount of time keeping everything running smoothly and harmoniously.

2. No harassing or abusing other DPS channel members.

3. If you submit a fake parse to the league table, you will be permanently banned from league.

4. No cross channel groupings without prior notification--meaning if you call out in 30k, don't call out in 10k or pestf as well unless you notify players you have done so.
(The standards for other channels may differ from our own, so if you're forming from any other channel you must state this)

5. You are expected to do the DPS of the channel you join a run in, do not join runs in channels with toons that cannot meet the channel's standard. We understand everyone has a bad run every so often but if it becomes a habit, you will be dropped down to a lower channel until you can consistently make your mark. This rule applies for all channels.

6. Respect Wait For Pets (w4p, wfp) calls or any other strategies called by host, prior to start of match.

7. Prior notification must be given if using a lower DPS alt, or inviting a low DPS friend into the run.

8. Keep trading to the trading channels.

9. Infractions will start with a warning, then start at 24 hour suspensions from the DPS channels.

10. Do NOT ask 'Any isa' Form one or wait for one to be formed

And as for disputes and fights within the channels and what nots, we will generally kick/ban anyone involved for 24 hours as we sort stuff out. So far this has worked for us for 2 years, so we are not going to change it. Consequently, we also have pretty good harmony in the channels as a result.

Lastly, we don't kick/ban lightly, so any admin that does, ALL other admins will immediately back their decision without question. We also discuss amongst ourselves when we do kick/ban. So no use going to other admins trying to get reinstated--we will always default to admins decision as we are sorting things out.