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DPS Infomation
As of now we have the following channels. All of them are private except the dps-public. To get invited to the channels you must do an Infected Space Advanced (ISA) run and upload your parse to the League table. Then you will receive an invite within 48 hours (if not sooner—we usually do our invites every day). We have an admin tool that automatically scans the DPS League table and allows us to quickly mass add players to the various channels—so please do not hound the admins for invites.

To check to see if you have been invited already, click the cog on your chat window, then select the "channels" tab, then your invite will be at the top of the list. Simply highlight and then select join button at bottom left.

Here are the current channels:

DPS-Public: Our only open public channel. If you have not been invited to dps-10,000, then join here first. The remaining channels are all private.

DPS-10,000: Our basic dps channel. You must parse over 10k on ISA and upload your parse.

DPS-30.000: You must parse over 30k on ISA and upload your parse. Runs are much better in here.

DPS-50,000: You must parse over 50k on ISA and upload your parse. Runs are significantly better in here.

DPS-75,000: You must parse over 75k on ISA and upload your parse.

DPS-Prime: Here resides the top 15 DPS players in the game. We will reset this channel the first of each month adding and removing players as they get bumped off.

Again, invites will occur within 48 hours, if you get passed over, then notify an admin.

There are also ground channels available but are not managed in the same way, see here, if you're looking for a ground invite.