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(Aug 20, 2015)
beerwin@beerwin is my toon
(Aug 20, 2015)
please invite me to dps 30000, i have a 38k parse uploaded
(Aug 19, 2015)
Hello, I have uploaded 2 parses for ISA for 2 of my toons Rayna@ajgamer1701 and Akashya@ajgamer1701 I currently parse 20Kdps I request an invite to the appropriate channel Please :)
(Aug 18, 2015)
happy to be now in 75k group, thanks you all, prosperity and long life
(Aug 16, 2015)
hi need upgrade to 75K grp pls
(Aug 16, 2015)
hello, like Zooey i would like my rank change to 75k, thanks to admin team
(Aug 14, 2015)
Hey guys, I run the website, sorry, I'm working full time again now, so stuff on the website might take me time to update. Sorry for any delays.
(Aug 14, 2015)
Also can I have my rank changed to 75k please
(Aug 13, 2015)
Whoever compiled the Mac version, thank you! Working great so far!
(Aug 13, 2015)
i finnaly hit above 75k boundery...yeah!
(Aug 09, 2015)
Admin are maybe on vocation
(Aug 07, 2015)
Can I be moved up to 50k?
(Aug 02, 2015)
Hi, can my rank be bumped up to 30k on the site ?
(Aug 01, 2015)
Will it be possible to have a searchable database from all the reports uploaded with stats, best ship types, etc?
(Jul 29, 2015)
@ Snipey: An excellent post in the forums. Thank you!
(Jul 29, 2015)
Today I´ve played on highest settings. Without any lag. Oh, wait... it was GTA IV, not STO...
(Jul 26, 2015)
Hello, can my rank be bumped up to 50k on the site, broke into the 50k group today
(Jul 21, 2015)
<--- Old, tac in a cruiser, sometimes undercaffeinated. :D
(Jul 21, 2015)
Hell, it's about time....
(Jul 20, 2015)
That said, could my Rank please be adjusted to 30k? thx in advance :)